Secure Group is an international software company with а product line of secure devices, applications, and communication management solutions for end-to-end encrypted mobile communication. We boast a partner network that spans across five continents to help us in the fight to keep data off the reach of hackers, corporate behemoths, and centralized organizations.

Our Commercial HQ and main R&D Center, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here we’re developing in-house solutions shaping the secure mobile world of tomorrow and constantly racing with competitors


Along the innovation race, we’ve become hard believers in talent and are constantly seeking new tech rebels, ready to join the Rebellion of Privacy. Behind each desk in our office sits a doer, determined to grow, learn, and set the bar higher than tomorrow to reshape the world for the better.

Being a one-stop-partner for encrypting mobile communication, we have tons of exciting in-house projects with global impact:

  • Secure OS – Our custom-built version of Android
  • Secure Pack – Applications offering all the functionalities a user would expect from email, chat, voice calls, or file storage apps but with encryption on top
  • Secure Administration System – A platform for granular control of our state of the art encrypted mobile device - Secure Phone
  • Secure Manager – A custom-built CRM for our network of partners
  • Web Development – We’re proactive innovators, constantly exploring and looking for new opportunities to embrace the digital revolution

Perhaps one of the things we are most proud of is the way we nurture talent, giving it the opportunity to grow, the creative freedom to express itself, and the spotlight to shine underneath. We want to work with the doers, the people who move, the ones who dare impact the world around them. This is why we’ve oriented our benefits specifically to fit the needs of those people and offer them:

  • Transparent Recruitment Process
  • Company-paid International Courses
  • Access to Latest Technologies
  • In-house training sessions
  • Rapid development path
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Additional health benefits
  • Unlimited Books
  • Fun-bursting events

We have it all because we want to work with talented and passionate people, and are ready to invest in their development!

Apply now. Dare to step at the frontline of innovation!

Current openings

  • Technical Support Sales Engineer

    Sofia Province, Bulgaria · Software Engineering · Talented and versatile engineer who is not afraid of selling complex technical solutions and it's the master of offering high-quality enterprise-level assistance to our partners.

  • Tech Blogger

    Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Marketing · A tech-savvy writer responsible for managing the blog and creating appealing, insightful posts that will reach and grow our audience.​

  • Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Expert

    Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Marketing · A data-driven warrior, who is obsessed with automating and tweaking campaigns, in order to bring the qualified leads every sales team dreams of.​

  • Financial Manager

    Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Administration · An expert in all financial and accounting matters and excellent leader at the same time. It's a very important and complex role, therefore the seriousness of this sentence.

  • Content Writer: Technology and SaaS Industry

    Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Marketing · A story hunter that can present complex tech topics in a compelling and understandable way.

  • Brand Identity Designer

    Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Marketing · A visual storyteller who breathes creativity and knows how to in-weave attention-capturing designs into brands’ identities and create astonishing optical experiences.

  • Mobile Automation QA

    Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria · Software Engineering · A guardian of the cyber-security revolution front-line, who is not afraid to write code and fight bugs on a daily basis.